Closed from Monday 13th May up to Thursday 23rd May. Reopen on Friday 24th May at 7am.
ALL Charges are PER DAY during our OPENING HOURS. eg. Friday to Sunday is 3 days. The first day you will be charged whether you drop of am or pm.
Week-ends are set rates. We are NOT OPEN FROM 10.30AM Saturday to 3.30PM Sunday.
NOTE – All morning pickups must be before 8.30am. For ALL morning PICKUPS AFTER 8.30am will incur a fee of $20 (Off Peak) & $25 (Peak) PER DOG.
Please indicate the name or names of your dogs THEIR DOB & age please?
Brief Description of your dog/s.
By law all dogs should be microchipped. The
Estimation is fine.
An up to Date Vaccination Certificate is required. Your dog cannot board with out it. Please sent through a copy prior to coming into kennels.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 4 files.
Please upload a photo or image of your dogs Vaccination Certificate.
If we need a vet urgently we will call Chinchilla Vets. If you don’t want us to call them please let us know.
All medication must clearly be labeled with Name of Medication, Dog’s name and Dosage as prescribed by the vet.
All medication must have the prescription of the vet’s dosage on items. If you have the box with the details it is important that you bring that along with you.
ANY OTHER Person other than yourself in the case we are unable to contact you. This person must be able to act on your behalf.
No decisions will be made without consulting the owner first if possible or there emergency contact person. If is very important if you are not contactable that your emergency person is and able to act on your behalf. IF you aren’t able to be contact we will try your emergency contact person. You understand that if a snake bite occurs our 1st priority is to get to the vets as quickly as we can to save your dog. We will still try to ring you 1st while we are in transit.
You will always be our first phone call. I know this is hard, it is hard on everyone, but if something happens we have to know. Please give this some thought. eg, we will collect immediately, cremate – bury here, take to the vet. If you have pet insurance they may cover cremation.
Sociable to both humans & animals, Friendly to people only, Aggressive, Re-active to other dogs, Separation Anxiety, Scared of Storms, Jumps Fences, Chews dog beds, Doesn’t like men or women, scared of loud noises, etc
Any costs relating to the above will be charged and payment due at time of pickup if they aren’t stated when booking form processed. NOTE: We are not GENERAL ANIMAL REMOVALS.
All photos, vidoes, etc are the property of The DogHouse Inn and are not for sale.
For the well-being of your pet, we only require their dry biscuits which they eat everyday. The reason being that your dog is use to his/her own food, which is comfort to them. Also by not changing there normal food they won’t get an upset stomach.
Please reframe from bring toys and bedding and dishes we have heaps of these products for your dog to use. We cannot always guarantee you will get these items back so we ask if you could not bring them along in the first place. (incl colour / size of leads if leaving behind)
Please use your booking number as reference when making payment. When confirming your booking please submit your remittance payment so we can credit your account.
NOTE: You will be asked to sign a hard copy each year. If you do not agree with our Terms of Service. DO NOT PLACE YOUR BOOKING. By ticking in the box you are clearly stating that you agree and accept of Terms of Service.