ALL Charges are PER DAY during our OPENING HOURS. eg. Friday to Sunday is 3 days. The first day you will be charged whether you drop of am or pm.
OUR Week-end set rates: $60 (off peak) $70 (peak) for both Saturday & Sunday during opening hours. Your times on our quote are only an estimate of arrival / departure and represent the times we are open. If you pick up or drop off outside of our opening hours you will be charged and extra $30.
ALL PICK UPS / DROP OFFS OUTSIDE NORMAL OPENING HOURS are considered a EMERGENCY situation & WILL BE CHARGED AN OUT OF HOURS $30 FEE on top of the regular booking. We have the right to refuse opening.
Your times on our quote are only an estimate of arrival / departure and represent the times we are open.
Please indicate the name or names of your dogs birthday & age of dog/s!!!.
We only need an estimate as we can weight them on arrival please. Approximate is fine.
We require to have on file your pet/s current copy vaccination certificate? If this is not the case please provide on arrival.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
If additional services are required and not stated on your booking form at time of arrival, they will be charged to you on the day or arrival or at the end of your dog's stay. NOTE: We are not GENERAL ANIMAL REMOVALS.
Please leave toys, bowls and bedding at home as we have enough for all dogs big and small.
If it is important to you & concerns the welfare of your pet/s, it is important to us!!
The above statement forms part of the Terms of Service we offer and we ask that you read this before sending through your booking. When confirming your booking please submit your remittance payment so we can credit your account.
ABSOLUTELY NO BOOKING will be accepted under ANY CIRCUSTANCES UNLESS THE 50% DEPOSIT (Peak) or $35 (Off Peak) IS PAID AT TIME OF confirmation. There is a 3 day cooling off period from time of booking/quote sent to you, in which after this your booking will be cancelled if no deposit is placed against your booking. Therefore to ensure your place, Confirmation & Deposit must be paid within 3 days of receiving our quote. To avoid delays and mishaps please submit your bank remittance as proof of payment to: Cancellation: PEAK PERIODS: Notice given more than 25 days prior to entry are refunded less cancellation fee of $100 cancellation fee. Less than 25 days NO REFUND. OFF PEAK CANCELLATION FEE: Is $35 which is your minimum deposit to secure your booking.